Spring Showers

The past two days have been full of rain–not the grey drizzles that we got so much of in winter, but the fresh sort of rain that brings lush, dark grass and honeysuckle-scented fog. I woke up at sunrise today with my sister for an early breakfast and tea at her house. I had this Edgar Allen Poe-inspired tea blended with lapsang souchong and beetroot. It was my first time trying a lapsang and I was surprised that it smelled like a campfire when brewing; however, the taste had a much more subtle smokey flavor compared to the scent. I am looking forward to having another cup of this tea the next time it rains. 

With the warmer weather and spring showers I have been noticing more and more critters about. I counted six slugs on my morning walk today, and I spotted this lily-of-the-valley plant growing behind my house.  Let me know in the comments your favorite spring creatures, whether they be plants or birds or bugs~

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